Israel Resource List

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Support Resources

Bishvilech Medical Center

Bishvilaych is the first and only non for profit women’s health organization in Israel focused on preventative medical care, education and outreach.

Am Veolamo St 6, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem. 972 -2-502-1096

The Eden Center

The goal at Eden is to infuse the ancient ritual of mikveh with contemporary relevance and to transform it into a place of well-being, healing and embrace, with appreciation for the needs of women today.  They have information available for those needing to navigate how to address mikveh concerns in the midst of  medical challenges, treatment, surgery etc.

Good BRCA Genes “Genim Tovim”

Is a non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the well-being of BRCA gene mutation carriers in Israel. The Facebook community, operated by the Organization, is comprised solely of women who carry a mutation in BRCA or similar genes and includes healthy, ill, and recovered members. The community facilitates a women’s circle with members who assist each other and provide the utmost support on various aspects of morbidity associated with the gene and risk reduction surgeries.

Israel Cancer Association

The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) was established as a voluntary organization in 1952, with the aim of reducing cancer morbidity and mortality and to improve the quality of cancer patient’s lives. ICA has earned its widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a spearhead in the fight against cancer. ICA works in close collaboration with health authorities, but all its activities are funded solely by private contributions, with no government funding.

Lemonade Fund

The Lemonade Fund awards  grants to help cover non-medical expenses for Israeli breast cancer patients who are in financial crisis. Difficult treatment, coupled with income loss, means many patients can’t pay basic living expenses because they can’t work. We work with social workers and hospital staff to identify and screen applicants using a detailed point system based on financial need.


Personal Care and Wellness Support

Avital Keisar

Cosmetologist, micropigmentation artist & trainer, specializing in areola and skin micropigmentation, camouflaging and remodeling scars. We all work together to improve the quality of life. In a special project called “your pink day”, we perform treatments as a contribution to the female cancer community.

Harokmim 26 Azreali building B floor 2, Holon. 972-528829119 [email protected]


Noa Mondshein Bra Shop 


Saposh Lingerie (Dalia)

Ha-Rav Shim’on Agasi St 8, Har Nof, Jerusalem


Sinaya Wigs Boutique

Creating high quality custom wigs since 1998

We specialize in wigs, extensions, hair pieces, and a variety of hair services.

052-375-6894 Nachal Kidron 10, Ramat Bet Shemesh

[email protected]


Shira Reinhardt, PT

Shira does  rehabilitation post mastectomy and understands the need to manage pain and flexibility around the site of the surgery. She underwent a bilateral mastectomy, understanding well the significance of body empowerment.

[email protected]



Yana (Doron) Fashion

Unique Fashion Boutique for women dealing with breast cancer


Sderot Yehudit 29, Tel Aviv  

Hachalutz 23, Haifa


Educational Resources

Trailer for three films produced in Israel touching on a variety of issues connected to genetics and cancer.  For the full films please email or call the Sharsheret Israel office.