Israel Pilot Fund

Support the Sharsheret Israel Pilot Fund


Join us in strengthening our chain of support by building a bridge to Israel. 

Kol ha’olam kulo gesher tzar me’od veha’ikar lo lifached k’lal. 

The whole world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is to have no fear at all.

With the largest population of Jews around the world and a surge in requests for Sharsheret resources, there is a need to bring select Sharsheret services to Israel now! With your support, women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer will receive localized, life changing and lifesaving support when they need it most.

While Sharsheret has always been a resource for Israelis who reach out to our US programs, women and families living in Israel will now be able to benefit in a more holistic, localized way including guidance and support for navigating the Israeli medical system, building their own medical teams, and connecting with others who share their experiences and culture. 


In partnership with, and under the umbrella of the Israeli NGO Haverut, Sharsheret will provide Anglo-Israelis with:

  • One-on-one virtual psychosocial support

  • Personalized cancer navigation services

  • Community-wide education

  • Tailored peer connections

  • Facilitated support groups

Join Sharsheret as we extend our chain of support in Israel! Your lead gift will ensure that we can launch our 2-year pilot with a budget of $175,000 to provide support to hundreds of people living in Israel.

$75,000 – Pink Diamond Jewel

$50,000 – Pink Diamond Jewel

$25,000 – Diamond Jewel

$10,000 – Sapphire Jewel

$5,000 – Ruby Jewel



For questions, contact Liz Klibanoff at 201.833.2341 or [email protected]. To make your donation from the Jewish Communal Fund, Donor Advised Fund or by check, please call 866.474.2774 or email [email protected].