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Find inspiration, hope, support, and critical information in these stories featuring the women and families in our chain – the faces of Sharsheret. Hear more Sharsheret stories by connecting with a peer supporter, someone who shares a similar story to you.

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Finding Empowerment After A BRCA Positive Test Result

Finding out about a BRCA positive risk can feel scary and daunting. In my experience, I felt it was…

Why Wait? Now is the Best Time to Get Your Mammogram

In a normal year, it can be difficult to prioritize your health. The pandemic has certainly added…

An Engaging And Informative Summer Internship Experience

This has undoubtedly been a truly engaging and informative summer working at Sharsheret. As an…

The Illumination of Sharsheret

While I have worked with and been connected to Sharsheret prior to this internship, this summer…

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