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Q&A From Genetics Webinar: Beyond BRCA: Myths and Facts about Your Cancer Risk (December 9, 2020)

Thank you for attending our genetics webinar.  Below are questions that were submitted before and…

My 2020 Began With A Breast Cancer Diagnosis, And Then COVID Hit

12 months ago, I could never have imagined what this year would have in store for me. You…

Leaning On Sharsheret So That My Mother Can Lean On Me

Life was already hard. The pandemic made sure of that. In addition to losing my job, I was…

From Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority Sister, To Caregiver, To Team Sharsheret Racer

I first learned about Sharsheret in 2007 when I became a sister of the Mu Chapter of Alpha Epsilon…

Find inspiration, hope, support, and critical information in these stories featuring the women and families in our chain – the faces of Sharsheret.

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