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Find inspiration, hope, support, and critical information in these stories featuring the women and families in our chain – the faces of Sharsheret. Hear more Sharsheret stories by connecting with a peer supporter, someone who shares a similar story to you.

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 with 2 young girls at home was terrifying. Sharsheret was there for me every step of the way.

Imagine finding a lump, almost the size of a golf ball in the shower in your breast. Instant panic.…

Sharsheret’s Best Face Forward 2.0 Financial Subsidy Program

Over the course of 2022, Sharsheret has distributed $446,000 in financial subsidies to improve the…

Being diagnosed with breast cancer while about to get divorced was deeply isolating. Sharsheret made sure I didn’t go through it alone.

Tensions were high. Our marriage had fallen apart. It was time to tell our kids. But instead…

Running for Renee 

This year, my sister and I signed up to run the NYC Marathon with Team Sharsheret.Training for the…

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