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Bella Chachky Diamond and Sylvia Diamond Geller Best Face Forward® Program

The Best Face Forward kit is designed for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and who are currently undergoing, or will soon be undergoing, chemotherapy or radiation therapy for their breast cancer or ovarian cancer diagnosis. The Best Face Forward kit includes make-up products for all skin tones, easy-to-follow make-up application instructions, and tips for those facing hair loss and changes in skin tone.

“It is a special feeling when I keep working under the challenging circumstances and find something in the mail that makes me feel happy as a woman who’s always into make-up, fashion and femininity.” – A Sharsheret Caller

We are proud to have Sephora sponsor our Best Face Forward kits. As part of the Sephora Stands initiative, these kits complement the Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer Classes for Confidence video tutorials and free in-store classes . Designed by Sephora employees who are survivors themselves, Brave Beauty classes offer skincare tips and step-by-step instructions on how to create a radiant complexion or re-build brows and lashes lost from chemo or radiation. Click here to view Sephora’s Brave Beauty video tutorial series on skin, complexion and eyes, and order your FREE make-up kit below.

Our Clinical Team will contact you to tailor your resources and request your mailing address prior to shipping. Your feedback is important to us. Please complete this optional survey to share your thoughts about Sephora’s video tutorials.

Bella Chachky Diamond and Sylvia Diamond Geller Best Face Forward Program®

The Bella Chachky Diamond and Sylvia Diamond Geller Best Face Forward® program is made possible with generous support from: