Advocacy is a fundamental tenant of Jewish tradition. Values including the pursuit of justice (tzedek, tzedek tirdof) and repairing the world (tikkun olam) are emphasized; we are guided by the sage words of Hillel, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, then when?”
At Sharsheret we believe that advocacy plays an important role during any cancer experience. Whether you are looking to better communicate your own needs to loved ones or healthcare providers, share your story, or support someone personally affected by breast cancer or ovarian cancer, we encourage you to review Sharsheret’s advocacy resources and get involved in ways that are meaningful and appropriate for you.


Advocacy is a form of communication that aims to achieve a goal. One can advocate for oneself, for others, for one’s community, or for any cause you believe in. Sharsheret is a patient advocacy organization; we work to empower and support women and families affected by breast cancer and ovarian cancer. We help them to amplify their voices and to support the larger breast cancer and ovarian cancer communities. We also support legislative initiatives that advance the goals of these communities.

To learn more about advocacy opportunities and to determine if you would like to serve as an advocate, we encourage you to explore the following sections of our website:

  • Personal or Self-Advocacy
  • Community Advocacy


A cancer diagnosis, or the discovery that you carry a genetic mutation that raises your risk of cancer, is life-altering. Sharsheret’s team of social workers and our genetic counselor are here to support you in advocating for yourself. Contact a member of Sharsheret’s clinical staff to receive support and resources that can assist you in:

  • Asking questions of your healthcare team when you need additional clarity, researching your treatment options and/or obtaining a second option.
  • Learning your family history and connecting with our genetic counselor or scheduling a family conference call.
  • Seeking support, whether in an individual or group setting.
  • Communicating your needs and desires to friends, family, your community and/or employer.

Contact a member of Sharsheret’s clinical staff at [email protected] to support you in your personal or self-advocacy goals. Click here for an empowering story of self-advocacy from Heidi Schrage, a member of our Illinois Community Advisory Committee.


Sharsheret is Hebrew for chain, which symbolizes the connections we make among women, families, and communities facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Through our chain of support we create an accessible and welcoming community so that no one has to face breast and ovarian cancer alone.

Are you looking to help or support others in their breast cancer or ovarian cancer journey? Whether you are personally affected by these diseases or someone who wants to offer support and make a difference, you can become a Sharsheret community advocate. Select any options below that are right for you and take your first step towards joining the cause:

Join Sharsheret’s Peer Support Network

  • Share your story –
    • Contribute to Sharsheret’s blog.
    • Volunteer to share your story at a Sharsheret event.
    • Share your Sharsheret story through social media and tag us on Instagram @ Sharsheretofficial or Facebook at Sharsheret1. (You can also consider using the following hashtags to broaden the reach of your story: #bcsm, #brca, #breastcancerawareness, #cancersupport, #gyncsm, #mysharsheretstory, #ovariancancer, #sharsheret.)

Participate in Sharsheret’s Peer Support Network Expansion – Share information about your treatment team to help another woman going through treatment.

For more information about writing a blog, speaking at an event or contributing to Sharsheret’s peer support expansion network contact [email protected].

For more information about engaging in any form of community outreach or to connect with an outreach professional click here, email info@sharsheret or call (866)474-2774.