Best Face Forward 2.0 Meditation Series

Amidst the emotional roller coaster of cancer, prayer and spirituality can offer women a sense of purpose and healing. In Jewish prayer, many strive to have a sense of kavanah, which can be defined as strong intention or meditative focus. This can be achieved through visualization and deep breathing techniques, which can serve as powerful, calming, and healing meditative practices. Examples of these include imagining Hebrew letters, focusing on an object or candle while breathing deeply, or inhaling and then exhaling prayers and healing words.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. However you choose to meditate, it can help decrease anxiety, and provide emotional healing and a sense of peace. When seeking a method for healing and connection, meditation can help you feel centered when you otherwise feel surrounded by chaos, and send positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers for healing of the body, heart, and spirit.

Sharsheret would like to thank our partner At the Well who developed this meditation series for the women of Sharsheret.

Please click on the episodes below to experience the Best Face Forward 2.0 meditations powered by At the Well. Thanks for contacting us! A member of our team will get in touch with you shortly to connect you with other Sharsheret programs and resources.

Episode 1: Visualization

Visualization is a mental exercise that calls upon your imagination. It can be especially helpful in preparing yourself for challenging moments like treatments and checkups. This meditation, done in advance of such events, can help alleviate stress and anticipation. Tune in, and together we’ll visualize the awesome power within your body and help you feel more prepared, calm, confident, and ready to be a warrior of your health.

Episode 2: Mind-Body Scan

Doing a mental scan of the body can help ground us in the present moment. In this second meditation, we invite you on a journey through your body. We’ll cultivate a sense of nurturing, wholeness, and love for the body. This meditation includes a full body scan, and encourages you to trust yourself, love yourself, and lean into your inner strength and holiness.

Episode 3: Finding Peace

This third meditation, Finding Peace, utilizes the breath to calm the spirit, release tension, and help you feel more connected to the present moment. Jewish rituals, blessings, and teachings are included to fill the soul and quiet your thoughts. This meditation is to help you feel more centered, leaving you with a sense of spiritual connection and loving calmness.