Mandala Art: A Relaxing Art for All

Mandala Art: A Relaxing Art for All

Join Sharsheret and Ariel Landrum, LMFT for a 60- minute interactive workshop focused on the artform of mandalas. In this workshop, we will engage in art that aims to both create balance and find uniqueness in each person’s experience.

All you need to participate is some colored pencils, markers, etc.

You are welcome to have additional materials such as magazine clippings, scissors and glue (optional).

All registrants will receive a PDF of a mandala pattern prior to the webinar.

For questions, please contact Ellen Kleinhaus.

Ariel Landrum is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Art Therapist. She is a proud Filipina American practicing out of California. She specializes in Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Art Therapy. She is also a self-identified Geek Therapist, as she incorporates her client’s passions and fandoms as part of the treatment process. She is licensed in multiple states to provide therapy and regularly conducts mental wellness training for Fortune 500 organizations.

Click here for Ariel’s slides.