Finances and Insurance

Finances and Insurance

Financial Wellness Resources

Are you struggling with managing your finances while living with a serious illness?  Learn how to address your concerns and better navigate the complicated health care and financial systems with critical information and resources shared by experts at Sharsheret’s “Taking Control of Your Financial Health During and After a Health Crisis”  Roundtable Discussion. For additional financial resource programs related to COVID-19, click here.

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Your Financial Wellness Tool Kit

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Sharsheret’s Financial Wellness Tool Kit will empower you to learn how to successfully navigate the often complicated issues of health insurance, disability rights, financial planning, and estate planning.

The Tool Kit Includes:

  • Guidelines from experts in the field
  • Tools to record and organize your personal information
  • Vital resources
  • Helpful tips from other women who have faced illness

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The Financial Wellness program was made possible with generous support from:
The Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York.