Sharsheret in the News

Spiced Up Power Chips

L'Chaim San Diego Magazine  |  December 1, 2021
By Rachel Beller

Platts students go bald for boobies

Cardinal Points  |  November 5, 2021
By Mia Morgillo

Dr. Yosi Fishkin to Run NYC Marathon for Sharsheret

Jewish Link  |  November 4, 2021
By Channa Fischer

Westchester Resident and RMA of Connecticut Fertility Specialist, Dr. Ilana Ressler to Spearhead 6th Annual Local Pies for Prevention Program Leading Up to Thanksgiving

Yahoo Finance  |  November 2, 2021
By RMA of Connecticut

The Kosher Baker’s Fruit Galette

LChaim Magazine  |  November 1, 2021
By L'Chaim San Diego Magazine

New and improved

The Jewish Standard  |  October 27, 2021

Sharsheret: Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer Genetics

Jewish Link  |  October 21, 2021
By Susan R. Eisenstein

Chabad’s Challah Bake increases breast cancer awareness, raises funds

The Photo News  |  October 19, 2021
By Cornershop Creative

Let’s Talk BRCA with Elana Silber of Sharsheret

Be Impactful  |  October 18, 2021
By Cornershop Creative

Elana Silber: Beating Back Breast Cancer

Nice Jewish Girls  |  October 13, 2021
By Cornershop Creative

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Jewish resources, information, and news related to breast cancer

Jewish Herald Voice  |  October 7, 2021

That’s Life on the Nachum Segal Network talks about Breast Cancer Awareness month  |  October 7, 2021
By Cornershop Creative

The Five-O-One Podcast

Apple Podcast  |  October 4, 2021
By Tali Lefkowitz

South Florida Jewish organizations hosting breast cancer awareness events

South Florida Sun Sentinel  |  October 1, 2021
By Sergio Carmona

Cabbage, Apple, and Pomegranate Slaw with Cumin Dressing

L'Chaim 1021 Food and Wine Fest  |  October 1, 2021
By L'Chaim San Diego Magazine

A fashionable case for breast cancer awareness

Texas Jewish Post  |  September 30, 2021
By Deb Silverthorn

Early Ovarian Cancer Test In the Works

Health and Wellness  |  September 30, 2021
By Bob Bahr

Straight talk about cancer

The Jewish Standard  |  September 17, 2021
By Abigail Klein Leichman

Marianne Sarcich: I Survived Cancer and Here Is How I Did It

Authority Magazine  |  September 2, 2021
By Savio P. Clemente

Farro Salad with Fennel and Roasted Butternut Squash

LChaim Magazine  |  September 1, 2021
By L'Chaim San Diego Magazine