The maniCURE For Sharsheret

Coordinate The maniCURE For SharsheretSM and raise breast cancer awareness on your campus.  We will work closely with you to create this pampering and meaningful outreach event for students on your campus.

Tips for a successful maniCURE for Sharsheret

  1. Designate a chair/s (include yourself!) and build a committee of 5-10 friends on your campus.
  2. Schedule a date for your manicure event. Make sure the dates do not conflict with other campus programs.
  3. Reserve a central location for the event. Determine space size based on number of participants and manicurists, manicure stations, drying area, and check-in. Confirm A/V capabilities for presentation of the Sharsheret DVD.
  4. Find manicurists by contacting local beauty schools and nail salons. Ask the manicurists what they will need to make this a successful event.
  5. Solicit product donations from local businesses, e.g. nail salons, beauty supply stores, food establishments, and drug stores. Solicit national nail polish corporations for donations, e.g. Essie or OPI.
  6. Suggest that manicurists do “dry manicures.” Nails are not soaked and hands are not moisturized, so manicures are faster and less messy.
  7. Design a website for online appointment booking.
  8. Publicize and invite friends with captivating flyers, e-mails, and Facebook posts.
  9. Order Sharsheret resources and Sharsheret nail file giveaways for participants.
  10. Set up a relaxing waiting area, apart from manicurists. Collect magazines and purchase snacks.

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