Finding Empowerment After A BRCA Positive Test Result

Finding Empowerment After A BRCA Positive Test Result

Finding out about a BRCA positive risk can feel scary and daunting. In my experience, I felt it was empowering.

Thanks to the revealed education and studies in recent years, there are facts and information that can help a person navigate this challenge and bring awareness on prevention measures that can be taken to protect one’s health.

I got my BRCA positive results when I was 27 years old. A close family relative had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and my doctor suggested I test.

At that point in my life I had 3 little children and couldn’t imagine doing anything drastic to change my body.

I chose to do screening for a few years – the MRI and Mammogram rotation certainly didn’t calm my nerves but gave me the feeling of doing my part in being on top of my health.

During the pregnancy of my 4th child I was only able to do breast exams because MRI’s and mammograms are not recommended.

Needless to say I wasn’t the calmest.

I worried that something was brewing with limited options for breast cancer screening.

After my baby was born, I had two different cases that needed further testing between the breast changes during pregnancy and postpartum breastfeeding.

I decided that my next pregnancy will need to be after a mastectomy.

In summer of 2021, I thankfully had a Prophylactic Mastectomy. I’m extremely grateful to have had an easy and smooth recovery. Knowing that the process of healing physically and emotionally was for preventive measures and not anything worse got me through it. I feel endless appreciation that I was able to choose to do this surgery and not the other way around.

I’m thankful to Sharsheret education for teaching us to be informed advocates for our own health.

With immense gratitude and a very thankful heart, we welcomed a baby a year after my surgery and I don’t take my health for granted, not a single day.