Sharsheret Pink Shabbat®

Teal and Pink Shabbat programs are designed to educate students, men and women, about the increased risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, measures they can take to protect their health, and the impact of breast and ovarian cancer on the Jewish community .

Contact us to bring Sharsheret Teal & Pink Shabbat programs to your campus. We will work closely with you to create meaningful Shabbat programming.

Tips for a Successful Event:

1. Designate a chair/s (include yourself!) and build a committee of 5-10.
2. Check your campus calendar to schedule a date. Let us know so we can promote it
and post on our website!
3. Partner with other campus organizations and reserve a central location on campus for the
event based on expected number of participants, table size, and check-in.
4. Contact local sponsors to help with event costs and supplies – local bakeries, campus
dining halls, and supermarkets.
5. Publicize and invite friends with captivating flyers, emails, and social media posts. I
6. Invite a local breast cancer or ovarian cancer survivor to share her story. We can
help find you fund a local speaker.
7. Download Sharsheret’s delicious and easy pink challah recipe and request the resource,
Insights in to Challah Baking.
8. Order free Sharsheret resources, giveaways and sample educational conversation starters
for your Shabbat meal.
9. Decorate the room with teal/pink tablecloths, teal/pink napkins, pink challah, teal/ pink
drinks, and teal/pink desserts (e.g., cupcakes, jelly beans, watermelon).
10. Write a blog or send a video about your event for Sharsheret’s website about your event.