Get Ready For Giving Tuesday!

Get Ready For Giving Tuesday!

“Because of Sharsheret, a woman living with a rare form of hereditary breast cancer finds a new friend who shares her concerns about talking to her teenage daughters.  Because of Sharsheret, a doctor connects his patients with resources that speak to her concerns as a Jewish woman.  Because of Sharsheret, a research scientist prepares to study the impact of cancer among Jews of Ashkenazi descent.  And because of Sharsheret, a student on campus discovers his family’s strong history of cancer and decides to take action.” – Excerpt From “Because Of Sharsheret” Impact Report.

Giving Tuesday, an annual day for giving back and sharing the ways you give, is just two weeks away – Tuesday, December 3rd!  We’re celebrating Giving Tuesday by sharing the ways that Sharsheret’s work has impacted the Jewish and cancer communities.  The above excerpt from our new Impact Report highlights some of the ways that Sharsheret has shaped a field of culturally-relevant training and resources, enhanced the quality of life of those facing serious illness, opened up vital conversations about cancer that were once deemed taboo, and inspired community-wide and national action.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, we will share the entire Impact Report with you – our clients and our friends.  Your continued and generous support enables us to accomplish all that we have.  We know that you, too, will take pride in all that has changed because of Sharsheret…because of you.

Join our Giving Tuesday campaign and share how Sharsheret has made a difference in your life and what you plan to do to give back in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #becauseofsharsheret.