Good Luck Team Sharsheret!

Good Luck Team Sharsheret!

Dear Linda, Chani, Gila, Cheryl, Joe and Moe,
Less than a year ago, Moe Rice and I began discussing the ways in which Sharsheret could generate awareness about our 10 national programs. His big beef with me – and rightly so – was that more people needed to know about all that we are doing for thousands of families nationwide. By combining his passion for racing with his dedication to the cause of breast cancer, Moe committed to spearheading Team Sharsheret. Working with Scott Berlinger at Full Throttle and Ellen Kleinhaus of Sharsheret’s staff, we began pulling together materials, designing a Team that would raise not only critical funds for the organization, but incredible awareness about all of the good that those funds were generating for young women and families facing breast cancer.
You are less than 48 hours away from helping us turn our vision to reality. Team Sharsheret – all of you – has raised almost $50,000 and brought more than 200 new families into our circle. I can only imagine how many lives will be saved, and how many more will be bettered, because of all that you have done.

On Sunday, when you hit the water, hop on your bike, and cross the finish line, please know that you are racing for all of us fighting breast cancer. We are so thankful for your energy, your passion, and your dedication to Sharsheret.

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you!

With deep gratitude on behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of Sharsheret,

Rochelle Shoretz
Executive Director

Linda Gerstel



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