Honoring Our Mother Doing What She Loved On Mother’s Day

Honoring Our Mother Doing What She Loved On Mother’s Day

Remembering our mother on Mother's Day

Our mother, Hindy Weinstock a”h, passed away in August 2002, just months after Sharsheret was founded. When she was first diagnosed 5 years earlier, at the age of 43, close friends and family were hers and our only support system. Battling cancer, juggling a job, and raising three teenage children was overwhelming, scary, and often lonely. Now, from the moment a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, Sharsheret steps in to support them and their families every step of the way and through each up and down. But most importantly, each woman is connected with another who has or is going through the same challenges and this network of support is an integral part of a woman’s cancer-conquering experience and struggle.

Our mother loved spending time outside in her garden, especially when we joined and helped her pluck weeds, plant perennials, and mow the lawn. Each year, she would take pride in all of the flowers that bloomed in our front yard. When the idea of a Mother’s Day flower sale came up, we knew it was the perfect way to honor her memory.

It’s been more than 5 years since we partnered with Sharsheret to commemorate and honor our mother in this special way. To date, we have raised over $120,000! We know she would be so proud to be remembered in this way. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our flower sale these past years and especially those who make sure to come back year after year.

We continue to pray for those that are still battling cancer and wish them a speedy recovery.

Wishing everyone a meaningful Mother’s Day.

If you would like to support the sale, please visit: link.sharsheret.org/mothersdayflowersale