How Do You Wear Pink?

How Do You Wear Pink?

Our staff celebrates Pink Day! Top (l to r):
Ellen, Rochelle, Elana, Julie, and Sari.
Bottom (l to r): Rebecca, Shera, and Adina.

By: Tzvi Solomon, Sharsheret Volunteer

Tomorrow, thousands of “soldiers” from 68 schools across the globe will march together. Our army has soldiers stationed in high schools, day schools, college campuses, yeshivot, and seminaries. We like to call ourselves pink soldiers. We are an army that is ready to make a difference. We are an army that is here to show Jewish women and families affected by breast cancer that we stand by them. Our soldiers understand that when one person is hurting, we are all hurting. People may look at us and think that we serve as their hope and inspiration. However, those affected by breast cancer are our hope and inspiration. They inspire us to never give up the fight, to always keep going, and of course, to unite together in the battle against breast cancer. Join us for Sharsheret’s 2nd Annual Pink Day Worldwide and wear pink tomorrow – to school, work, around the house, or at the gym. Join our army of pink soldiers and show your support for Jewish women and families facing breast cancer.

Join Sharsheret’s 2nd Annual Pink Day Worldwide tomorrow, Wednesday, February 9th!

Sharsheret’s Pink Day Worldwide, launched last year by students on high school and college campuses across the globe, empowers students to educate their peers about breast cancer in the Jewish community and Sharsheret’s national programs.

3 easy ways you can join Sharsheret’s Pink Day Worldwide:

1. Rally your co-workers, family members, and friends – Ask them to wear pink tomorrow, take a “pink” group photo, collect $5 from each participant, and donate to Sharsheret.

2. Become a Sharsheret Facebook Fan – Change your status to: “February 9th is Sharsheret’s 2nd Annual Pink Day Worldwide. Do you have your Pink on? Post this status in honor of Jewish women facing breast cancer.” If you took a Pink Day photo, upload it to our page!

3. Donate online – Make your Pink Day donation online at and choose Pink Day 2011 in the drop down menu.

For more information, contact Sharsheret’s Program Manager and Campus Liaison Ellen Kleinhaus at [email protected].