Why I’m Running For Team Sharsheret In The UA NYC Half Marathon

Why I’m Running For Team Sharsheret In The UA NYC Half Marathon

I love to run, but after having my third child last year, I was looking for something to motivate me to get back into running (and in shape!) and so I have decided to give my running an important meaning and do it in support of an amazing organization, Sharsheret.

Both sides of my family have a history of breast cancer. Four years ago, my mother went through a successful course of treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is now healthy. She wasn’t able to get help from Sharsheret because she lives outside the U.S., but I wish she did.

After I signed up to be on Team Sharsheret, I had the chance to go visit their office and I was blown away by the people who work there and the great work that they do. I was also so pleased by the support they provided me as one of their athletes. I left motivated to do the best that I could do in my training, but more importantly, in my fundraising.

I will be running in memory of my grandmother, Andree Rachel Tolub, who lost her second battle to breast cancer when I was just six years old. I realized a couple of weeks ago that the race is the same week as her yartzheit and it made me feel like this was the best possible time for me to do this…13.1 miles to go!

To support my efforts please visit my fundraising page: https://www.crowdrise.com/sharsheret-nyc-half-2017/fundraiser/leafrank