Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Andrew Wigod and Daniel Zeidman

Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Andrew Wigod and Daniel Zeidman

After finishing the 2006 ING NYC Marathon, I knew I would like to do it again one day, but this time for a charity organization. Being able to cross the finish line in 2011 on behalf of Sharsheret, an outstanding national breast cancer and ovarian cancer organization that provides programs and support to the Jewish community, means a great deal to me. The challenges Sharsheret tackles not only affect the program participants, but their families as well. By supporting my run on behalf of Team Sharsheret, together will be able to raise a greater awareness about breast cancer and help support Sharsheret’s programs.

I am thrilled to be competing in my second ING NYC Marathon this fall on November 6th. Throughout my training and on race day I will be thinking about the fighting spirit of the thousands of Jewish women and families supported by Sharsheret. So I am asking for your support and please give generously…..the more you give the harder I will train and the faster I will run to cross the finish line.


About 5 years ago, my 34 year old wife and best friend was struck with breast cancer.  With no family history or known risk factors she and I were shell shocked.  After hearing the words one wishes never to hear, those of a breast cancer diagnosis, while facing the unimaginable, it was the women of Sharsheret who helped my wife.  Especially during those most difficult early days, they embraced her and opened up to her, giving her the strength and courage to make the most difficult and life altering decisions.

As my wife was nearing the end of her own chemotherapy treatment, she began to speak to, and help other young women who had just been diagnosed, adding another link to the chain.  Although it is my hope and prayer that no woman (or man for that matter) should ever receive news of a cancer diagnosis, I was happy that my wife was healthy and strong enough to give to other women the same type of support and wisdom that she had been given.

I realize that until the cure is found and breast and ovarian cancers are obliterated, all we can do is support each other through the difficult journey.  Sharsheret is a way for young women to link together giving strength, courage and support when it is needed most after such a diagnosis.  As a man, the least I can do is run in support of Sharsheret so that these brave women can continue to benefit from the strength, love and guidance which they gain from the bonds of their shared experiences. 

Unfortunately, breast and ovarian cancers are extremely widespread among women today. 

So, please, link up with me to honor your wives, mothers, sisters or friends by sponsoring me as I run on my own 26.2 mile journey through the streets of New York in the ING New York City Marathon on behalf of Sharsheret.