Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Grant Schwartz and Renana Silverman

Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Grant Schwartz and Renana Silverman

Running the ING NYC Marathon has been a goal of both mine and Briana’s for many years.  Since we began running long distances we have completed 2 full marathons in Disney World and the Miami ING Half Marathon.  For the last three years we applied for entry slots to the ING NYC Marathon.  For three years in a row, we were not chosen by the lottery  This year,  on our fourth try Briana “won the lottery”.  She got a slot in the marathon but I did not.   After years of waiting for a race entry, there was absolutely no way that I was going to let Briana run the ING NYC Marathon without me or give up her ticket in hope that I would get accepted next year.  I had to think of a way to get into the race. 

The opportunity was presented before us before we knew it and in a most meaningful way.  As our friends and family, you all know that Briana has been an active volunteer with her sorority, AEPhi, for the past five years. When AEPhi choose Sharsheret as one of their national philanthropies, it was only natural for Briana to become more involved with Sharsheret.  And if Briana becomes involved in something, I love to be included as well. Together we have walked as part of “Team Sharsheret” in the Komen Miami Race For The Cure for the last three years.  So, of the THOUSANDS of charity groups that had slots for the ING NYC Marathon, we selected to race with Team Sharsheret.

We are very proud and excited to be a part of such a great cause with such great people and can’t wait to hit the streets of NYC one mile at a time. Please support us in our efforts.



I made a commitment to stay fit many years ago. From cardio to personal training, staying fit and working out has become second nature to me and a huge part of my life. I am surrounded by extremely athletic individuals on a daily basis who constantly motivate me to challenge myself. This past year I joined New York Road Runners and have completed various 5K and 10K races. I have always dreamed of participating in the ING NYC Marathon, and so I thought what better time to challenge myself than the present!

Unfortunately, over the past few years, many acquaintances as well as close family friends have been diagnosed with cancer. It has become extremely scary how the list of people affected by this illness seems to constantly grow. Sharsheret is an organization that offers support to women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. They have been there for so many people, and have helped so many families. I am extremely motivated to run my FIRST ING New York City Marathon and am proud to run it on behalf of Team Sharsheret. I am proud to be a member of the Sharsheret family and will run this marathon in honor of those who fought this disease and those who continue to fight, and in memory of loved ones we lost.

Please support me in my efforts to run to the finish line in the ING New York City Marathon!