My 2020 Began With A Breast Cancer Diagnosis, And Then COVID Hit

My 2020 Began With A Breast Cancer Diagnosis, And Then COVID Hit

Women With Breast Cancer During Covid Can Lean On The Sharsheret Support Group

12 months ago, I could never have imagined what this year would have in store for me. You probably feel the same about your year. 

Well, one year ago, I was attending a Sharsheret fundraiser as a donor to the cause. It was that event that pushed me to schedule the mammogram I had been neglecting for too long.

It was that Sharsheret event that saved my life.  

So for me, 2020 began with a breast cancer diagnosis. My second cancer diagnosis in four years. But this cancer diagnosis was nothing like my first. 

Because once I had the diagnosis and was ready to schedule treatment, COVID hit and everything, including my treatment, was put on hold.

So for a total of 5 months the cancer remained in me, not knowing if it was growing or what the future held.

During that time, my husband’s business closed. My son’s Bar Mitzvah was downgraded to a Zoom celebration. And I sheltered at home, isolated and with no one to talk to about my cancer.

And then I called Sharsheret.

Sharsheret was my quarterback. A sounding board and point of reference guiding me through all my questions about treatment, recovery, how to tell my kids and which resources were actually reliable. 

Most importantly for me, while the rest of the world was inaccessible, Sharsheret gifted me with community. Each time I participated in Sharsheret’s virtual events, the pain and stress of experiencing a life-altering event all alone disintegrated. 

So, please join me in making a year-end donation, and ensure that during the pandemic, women like me will have Sharsheret to lean on when they need it most.