My Summer Internship At Sharsheret

My Summer Internship At Sharsheret

I had the privilege of interning in the National office of Sharsheret this summer. Before my internship began, I did not know the extent of the many programs and resources that Sharsheret provided. My sister in law is involved with Sharsheret and mentioned the summer internship program to me. I was excited about the opportunity to contribute to women and families in our larger Jewish community and all over the world through an organization that truly saves lives and makes a difference.

I worked on many projects that helped to spread the amazing work that Sharsheret does. I worked on a “Who’s Who on Your Treatment” webpage for the Sharsheret website. I filled the page with descriptions of different types of doctors and other FAQ’s to provide some guidance to people seeking referrals and basic information on this new and trying chapter in their lives.

I also had the opportunity to go to Holy Name Medical Center on Survivor Day and speak with various survivors. I witnessed, firsthand, the incredible impact that Sharsheret has on the lives of the people they work with and the lives of their family members throughout their cancer journey and even afterwards.
In just 8 weeks, I reached out to over a thousand Shuls across the country to raise awareness about Sharsheret and celebrating Pink Shabbat and other Sharsheret event opportunities in their communities. I also put together “Thriving Again” kits for ovarian and breast cancer survivors.

I got to help Sharsheret with their growth and helped to work on finding contacts for the opening of the new office in Chicago. As my internship comes to a close, I am so proud to say that I had the privilege to help women and families through Sharsheret, on a national level. I am so happy that I had this amazing opportunity to spend my summer in a meaningful way and work with people who are truly passionate about what they do every day.