My Summer Internship Experience

My Summer Internship Experience

Zahava Horowitz

Improving lives and saving lives is a tag line of Sharsheret.  During my summer internship at this amazing organization I have had the privilege of watching this come true on a daily basis.  Growing up in Teaneck, Sharsheret was always a household name and I have previously taken part in many campaigns. Once I started my internship I truly began to understand the multitude of resources Sharsheret offers its callers and families.  Coming to work every morning I looked forward to learning something new.  

During my internship I was paired with a clinician and a member of the outreach team, which gave me the opportunity to learn about what goes on every day at Sharsheret.  I reached out to over 900 synagogues across the country to share Sharsheret’s programming and resources so that they can share the information with their members. I also updated resources lists to ensure that our callers are being provided with accurate information.  I expanded the book list for our Busy Boxes (kits to guide children through their parents’ cancer journeys), and I even .dabbled in marketing and fundraising. The employees at Sharsheret truly do it all and as an intern I feel lucky to have been awarded this opportunity as well.

With the summer coming to a close and school and reality setting back in I am planning on ways to keep Sharsheret a part of my life.  I plan to continue to be active in the YPC and educate my fellow classmates and future Social Workers on the important work that Sharsheret does.