A New Chapter

A New Chapter

You may be surprised to learn that most women do not know their breast density. I started getting mammograms in my 40’s, and I learned that I had dense breast tissue, just like 50% of women who get mammograms. What happened next changed my life and opened a new chapter for me.

In 2012, my physician recommended that I undergo Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) despite having a normal mammogram. I was reluctant to undergo another test given that I had gone through many in the past without finding any cancer. I decided to follow through, after all my insurance covered this, so why not double check. Following the results of my MBI, my physician clearly saw some abnormalities and recommended I undergo an ultrasound and a biopsy.

That week my family and I went down to Florida, to see my son’s marching band at Disneyworld. I got an odd message from my doctor’s office asking me to call them when I got back and knew there was no point in waiting. With my husband by my side, I made the call knowing we could face anything together in God’s grace.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer which led me to have a double mastectomy. Additionally, I opted for reconstruction, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Together my husband and I battled breast cancer. I’ve been cancer free for 3 years now! But I cannot stress one point enough: talk to your doctor and ask if you have dense breast tissue.  If it applies, request a secondary screening. Just double check.

Knowing if your tissue is dense and getting a secondary screening is critical for women and could mean catching and treating cancer earlier.  Many thanks to Sharsheret for their interest in sharing my story. I am appreciative to be a part of Sharsheret, an organization which helps young women with their unique concerns, including breast density.