Using Foam Rollers to improve Your Posture

Using Foam Rollers to improve Your Posture

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Carol Michaels MBA, ACE, ACSM is an author, consultant, national presenter, and the founder of Recovery Fitness® and is on the board of numerous health organizations. She is the author of Exercises for Cancer Survivors and created the Cancer Recovery course in partnership with the National Federation of Professional Trainers. Carol was the 2012 PFP Trainer of the Year and the 2016 IDEA Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year. Visit her website  or on facebook @Recoveryfitness.

Important information regarding Posture and Breast Cancer from Carol Michaels:

Good posture allows for efficient movement and is important for overall health.  Poor posture can cause some muscles to work too hard and others too little. This causes physical imbalances and results in some muscles becoming very weak and some too tight.

Eventually joints can become stressed, which can lead to pain and poor range of motion. Faulty posture can lead to neck and back pain, which can be alleviated through posture improvement exercises.

As we age, it is common for the shoulders to round and to develop a head forward position. When one has a head forward position, the affected vertebrae can harm the disks and compress the surrounding nerves.  The vertebrae need to be properly aligned so when the posture is improved there will be less compression on the nerves thereby decreasing pain

Cancer surgery and treatments can affect posture in breast cancer survivors. Studies have shown that if you have breast cancer surgery and treatments, you are more likely to have faulty body posture. Breast cancer survivors have the tendency to protect the area where they had the surgery. The chest area can feel tight and  the cancer survivor compensates by rounding their shoulders.  Muscles are shortened because of the surgery and there is scar tissue.  Nerves may be irritated which can result in numbness and tingling. Cancer survivors need to learn the essential stretches for the pectoral muscles and shoulders. Eventually strength training should be introduced with an emphasis on strengthening the upper back muscles.  When the back muscles are strong, it will help decrease the chance of developing round shoulders with forward head posture.

Some of the reconstruction processes change muscle placement, which may affect the posture of a cancer survivor.  Whenever there is a change in muscle placement, it is necessary to have a postural assessment.  Also, abdominal surgery used in some of the reconstruction surgeries, can result in abdominal tightness, which in turn creates an initial tendency to walk leaning forward. The good news is that most posture issues due to surgery and treatments are corrected with proper stretching and strengthening exercises.

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