Rochelle L. ShoretzRochelle L. Shoretz



Good afternoon and, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Sharsheret, thank you for being here. I am Rochie Shoretz, Founder of Sharsheret and President of the Board. In these challenging economic times, we so appreciate your continued support of Sharsheret – a support that is even more vital this year for women and families facing costly medical challenges of their own.

Not many people can claim that they enjoy Board meetings of any kind. But over the years, I have had the privilege of working with an incredible group of men and women who have helped shape Sharsheret’s growth in a way that is truly inspiring. This past year, our Board of Directors undertook an extensive strategic planning process to map out the expansion of our organization to address the needs of Jewish women living with ovarian cancer, and we look forward to sharing the results of that effort with you all in the years ahead. Please join me in thanking my fellow Board members for their tireless service and their selfless dedication to Sharsheret: Sherry Cohen, Keith Mendelson, Amy Mines Tadelis, Tani Mirsky, Dana Norris, Jacob Plotsker, Nikki Sausen, Ariel Schochet, Naomi Spira, and Lauryn Weiser. None of our grand ideas as a Board could be implemented without the Director of Operations at Sharsheret, Elana Silber, who keeps us on track and moving forward, and always with a smile – no matter how great the task. And anyone who has met our staff and our interns – Shera Dubitsky, Ellen Kleinhaus, Rebecca Schwartz, Michael Lowy, and Malke Grunberger – knows how truly blessed we are at Sharsheret. Please join us in thanking Elana and the staff of Sharsheret for today’s beautiful event and for all of Sharsheret’s meaningful programs.