A Special Chanukah Gift

A Special Chanukah Gift

By: Rochelle Shoretz, Founder, Executive Director

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking in Philly before a group of 75 women of all walks of Jewish life. I met some of our Peer Supporters and Callers from the area (we have 41), and recruited 10 new women to join our national Peer Support Network. The woman who introduced me was one of our very first Sharsheret Callers, who has been a Peer Supporter for almost 8 years now, and who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. As we all watched Sharsheret’s promotional Race DVD, filmed in 2004, it was incredible to see how much the organization has grown – how many more lives we’ve touched, how many lives we have lost, how much of an impact we have made. I took the last train out of Philly at 11 p.m., tired but satisfied after a day of meetings at Philly Federation and the Parlor Meeting late at night.

On the ride home, I peeled open the envelopes that so many had given with contributions in support of our work. There, on the top of the pile, was a first time gift of $5,000 from a woman who was moved by our mission.

And I’m sure you’re thinking that, indeed, we received a very special Chanukah gift last week.

But the truth is, the real Chanukah gift came in the form of the introduction we received from that original Caller. She described Sharsheret as a Shamash, a servant of good in the world, providing light to those who need it at the darkest hour.

Thank you all for giving us a true gift – the opportunity to shine light for so many. We are so grateful for all of the support that makes that light possible.

Looking forward to celebrating many more holidays together, in health.