Thank You For Sharing Our Worldwide Message

Thank You For Sharing Our Worldwide Message

Good Luck To Team Sharsheret Athletes Participating In Races This March!

Dear Athletes,

Tomorrow, two of you – our incredible athletes – will compete in the Jerusalem Marathon, marking Team Sharsheret’s participation for the first time in the Israel race.  This very same week, we’ll cheer another 22 of you – our Half-Marathon athletes – to the finish line in New York City.  Sharsheret has gone global, with supporters and athletes heralding from more than 12 countries, and participation in two international competitions in just one month.

Breast cancer is a Jewish community issue worldwide, with 1 in 40 Jews of Ashkenazi descent carrying a gene mutation that may increase the likelihood of developing hereditary breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and related cancers.  You carry that critical message with you as you race in support of Jewish women and families this week.  Your hot pink Team Sharsheret gear is not just a show stopper – it’s the show itself, a display of solidarity with our community of families at risk of or diagnosed with a disease that touches virtually every Jewish family.

This year, ours is a global message – one that will make its way around the walls of Jerusalem and through the streets of the Big Apple.  With your support, and the critical dollars you’ve raised, we’ll continue to carry the message near and far.  And in the years ahead, we know that wherever in the world you may walk or run, you’ll be sharing Sharsheret with those whose lives you touch.

With deep gratitude,