Wherever You Go, I Will Go

Wherever You Go, I Will Go

ShavuotOn the holiday of Shavuot we read from the Book of Ruth. This story highlights the relationship between Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi. In the opening lines we learn that Naomi encourages Ruth to leave, as she does not want to burden her or hold her back.  Without hesitation, Ruth responds, “wherever you go, I will go.”

Sharsheret’s support program mirrors the relationship between Ruth and Naomi.   Every day we live by the motto “wherever you go, I will go”, providing support and lifting burdens along the way.  Our very dedicated Peer Supporters offer comfort, guidance, hope, and company along the journey.  Over the years we have been on the receiving end of hundreds of emails and phone calls from callers who cannot say enough nice things about their peer supporters, from their care and concern, to follow up, to practical ideas as their caller moves forward with her decision making, treatment, survivorship and beyond.  If ever there was an embodiment of “I go where you go”, it is never more evident than when a caller and peer supporter are matched.

This notion of sharing the journey is embraced by those who race on Team Sharsheret, volunteer, donate, and raise awareness, exuding the strong message of we are here with you and for you.  The Sharsheret (chain) is strong because caring for another is embedded in our history, as we see with Ruth and Naomi.  May we continue to walk this journey together, share wisdom, gifts, strengths, stories, and most importantly, inspiration.

“The people I spoke with were knowledgeable, helpful and very caring.  I felt embraced and valued by people I’d never met and will forever be connected to.”